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Classroom Instruction on the Foundations and Civic Skills, including Discussion of Current/Past Events

The civics classroom may be the best place to learn about the foundations of our democracy and why they matter for civic life. Utah’s Social Studies Core Standards further highlight opportunities to develop civic skills and dispositions--not just in civics and government classes, but across the social studies disciplines.  Ideally, civics classroom teaching will help students see the active role they can take in civic life, providing time for addressing all of the promising practices, including discussion of sensitive topics. 

Utah educators should facilitate discussion of current and historical events and controversial topics, helping students engage in respectful dialogue across partisan divides. Students should be prepared to back up their positions with facts and reliable sources. How can we create safe environments for classrooms, with effective strategies for facilitating those conversations?  

UCLC Priorities for 2021: Foundations of Democracy


Resources for Teaching Foundations, Civic Skills, and Contemporary Debates

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