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The Huntsman Seminar at Hinckley Institute of Politics: Not to Be Missed!

UCLC interviewed Molly Wheeler, Managing Director of Community Outreach at the Hinckley Institute of Politics, University of Utah about this summer's five-day intensive professional development seminar devoted to civics education.

What is the Huntsman Seminar How will it be offered this year?

The Huntsman Seminar in Constitutional Government for Teachers is a five-day summer seminar (July 12-16) for teachers and administrators sponsored by the Huntsman Foundation. The Huntsman Seminar seeks to enhance the quality and accessibility of civic education in Utah schools by providing teachers with an incredible week where they learn from and interact with political experts, judges, university faculty, and elected officials. It is a truly unique opportunity for teachers to enrich their understanding of local, state, and national political issues and how to incorporate civics education into their curriculum.

Twenty-five to thirty teachers and administrators from Utah are selected as participants and receive a fellowship worth more than $1,000. A Huntsman Seminar fellowship provides 3 graduate credit hours (Political Science 6990) and all costs for tuition and supplies. Participants are asked to contribute a $50 enrollment fee. The Hinckley Institute also has a small fund to help provide lodging for teachers who would be prohibited from participating. We are planning the 2021 Huntsman Seminar as an in-person event. The Huntsman Seminar will follow all CDC and University health guidelines. We appreciate your patience and support as we navigate a safe return to campus.

For how long has the Huntsman Seminar been offered?

The Hinckley Institute of Politics has been involved with civics trainings for teachers for well over 4 decades through the Taft Seminar (70s -90s) and Huntsman Seminar (90s-present). The Huntsman Seminar started in the mid-90s (95 or 96) and has trained hundreds of teachers since inception.

What topics will be covered? By whom?

Topics we plan to cover include:

  • Utah’s Changing Demography (Pam Perlich or Mallory Bateman with the Gardner Policy Institute)

  • The Importance of Joining the Discourse (Morgan Lyon Cotti)

  • Lobbyists: Who and What Contribute to the Decision Making Process

  • Why Is There So Much Conflict in Washington? (Professor Jim Curry)

  • Organizing for Change (likely Maura Carabello with Exoro Group)

  • Lawmaking in the Utah Legislature (elected officials)

  • The Role of the Executive (Governor Spencer Cox)

  • Impact of Good Policy in the Lawmaking Process (Gardner Policy Institute)

  • Democrat & Republican Self Analysis (Party leaders)

  • Educators in the Legislature (elected officials who were teachers)

  • Elections (State Election Director Justin Lee)

  • Media Literacy and the Responsibilities of the Media (panel discussion)

  • Local Politics: Civic Engagement in Utah (Jason Perry)

  • Discussing Politics in the Classroom

  • Utah Courts (problem solving courts, juvenile courts, court of appeals, and Utah Supreme Court) (State Judges)

  • Federal Courts (understanding the US Courts, the US and Utah Constitutions, Tour of the US District Courthouse) (Federal Judges)

  • Youth Civic Engagement

Apply HERE by May 7, 2021.

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